It started in the simplest of ways. Three friends in the country side, two guitars, a drum set. Amps to the max, and a fucking great time. Surprisingly what they played seemed to smell quite nice, so they decided they would be a thing, and play more!

la poudre was born, with one intention : having a good time far away from the mediocrity of our corporate world.

Doug, Do, and Poldo were playing concerts with three acoustic guitars, and absolutely no fucks given, and people seemed to enjoy it. But they knew that if the powder was to burn, it needed some extra fuel. Luckily they stumbled upon a French basstard and a freshly arrived German, who happened to own two drumsticks, and la poudre got its detonator.

Combining their extremely various musical backgrounds of indie rock, funk, ska, punk, marching band, and soul, la poudre has only one purpose : we make fire
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